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2006-2008 Irish Sea Demersal Plankton Data

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2006-2008 Irish Sea Demersal Plankton Data
2006-2008 Irish Sea Demersal Fish Recruitment Processes.The aim was to complete a grid of plankton stations as part of a series of ichthyoplankton surveys to estimate the spawning stock biomass (SSB) of Irish Sea cod, haddock and plaice.Cruise - Research Vessel Corystes 02/20061) To maintain in situ monitoring at inshore and offshore sites in the North West Irish Sea2) To investigate the distribution of dissolved nutrients and phytoplankton in relation to water column structure in the Irish Sea, Celtic Sea and Celtic Shelf Edge.3) To investigate the spatial distribution of dissolved nutrients over a grid of stations in the Irish Sea. Cruises - Corystes 02a/2006, Corystes 08/2008, Corystes 15/2008, Celtic Voyager 03/2006, Celtic Voyager 04/2006, Celtic Voyager 05/2008, Celtic Voyager 07/20081) To conduct a plankton survey using a 76cm Gulf VII plankton sampler to determine the distribution and abundance of cod (Gadus morhua), haddock (Melanogrammus aeglifinus) and plaice (Pleuronectes platessa) eggs.2) To remove fish eggs from fresh plankton samples at sea. To measure, stage and preserve these eggs in ethanol prior to species identification using a DNA technique on return to the laboratory.3) To collect surface phytoplankton sample at every third station for phytoplankton species identification.4) To collect surface salinity samples every three sampling stations.5) To collect surface chlorophyll samples every three sampling stations.6) To collect fine mesh (80 micron) PUP net samples for subsequent zooplankton analysis on every Gulf VII deployment.7) To continuously log sub-surface (3m) salinity, temperature and fluorometry data using the ships pumped seawater supply and onboard CTD.The aim of these multiple plankton surveys was to estimate the Spawning Stock Biomass (SSB) of plaice, cod and haddock in the Irish Sea by the Annual Egg Production Method (AEPM).
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