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#ActionsTitleCatalogue URLPlatformDescription
1Councillors Conferences 2012 http://data.fingal.iehtmlCouncillors Conferences 2012
2Exenciones parciales para la Realización del Máster MINA-2015 http://www.ciemat.eshtml
3Mobile Maritime Service Identification (MMSI) Register Maritime Service Identification Register. Contains names, address and contact details for vessel owners, and emergency contact details
4 http://www.ciemat.eshtml
5Councillors Conferences 2011 http://data.fingal.iehtmlCouncillors Conferences 2011
6Misuse of Data number of staff who are disciplined for mis-use of data. Updated: monthly.
7Mobile Compliance Compliance - Roadside Enforcement Operational IS System
8CEND 05/11 Infauna Data (CEND = Cefas Endeavour) Data from Inner Dowsing, Race Bank and North Ridge candidate Special Area of Conservation (cSAC) and Haisborough Hammond and...
9Green Deal Central Charge Database data required for Green deal plan transactions
10 http://www.ciemat.eshtml