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2012 Marine Conservation Project Stakmap Recreational Activity (Recmap)

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2012 Marine Conservation Project Stakmap Recreational Activity (Recmap)
This geodatabase contains manually digitised GI created during the Stakmap/Fishermap participatory mapping research project. The geometries have been cleansed and non polygonal features have been converted into polygons using a 300m buffer. Individual records are presented in those feature classes which have the '_individual suffix'. The sectors represented are as follows: All Charter Boats (CB), Angling from charter boats (cb_angler), Diving from Charter boats (cb_diver), Boats chartered for survey work (cb_survey), charter boats carrying wildlife enthusiasts (cb_wildlife), Divers (dive), Anglers (ra), Wildlife enthusiasts (we) and watersports (ws). The watersports sector is subdivided into boardsports, motorboats, paddlesports and sailing for the purposes of the summary layers. The defintions of these subsectors are as follows: Boardsports: windsurfing, surfing, kitesurfing, BKSA events Motorboats: powerboats, motorboats, zapcats, jetskis, other personal water craft Paddlesports: canoes, kayaks, paddleboarding, surf boats and wave skis Sailing: boating, yachting, dinghies, sailing, long races and marker bouy races One condition of the research was that only those interviewees who explicitly gave permission for their data to be shared would have their own mapping represented in the final product shared with third parties. All other individuals have had their data removed from this feature class. Charter Boats: 174 interviews. 118 gave permission for sharing Divers: 105 Interviews. 49 gave permission for sharing Anglers: 481 Interviews. 400 gave permission for sharing Watersports: 662 Interviews. 340 gave permission for sharing Wildlife Enthusiasts: 9 Interviews gave permission for sharing Where interviewees gave permission to share there data it has been presented in a suite of three feature classes '_activity_individual', '_additional_individual', '_club_individual'. In addition to the individual records presented in the three feature classes types described above, this geodatabase contains a number of summary layers that amalgamate individual interviews onto a standardised grid of 3/4 of a nautical mile longitude and 3/8 of a nautical mile latitude. These summary data sets represents the activities of all interviewees, the summarisation process is considered to anonymised the data to a sufficient degree to protect the individual's privacy. As an added measure of protection, data from interviews has only been included in the amalgamated summary/grid layers if the following conditions have been met. 1) Permission has been granted for the individual data to be used, or 2) Five or more separate interviews are represented within a single record.
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