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41Environmental Crime Problem Profile & Business - Regulated Industry - Illegals and Waste: The Environment Agency investigates and prosecutes serious and organised environmental...
42Ethical & Social Governance System to monitor underlying stocks that form part of some funds. No commercial or personal information. Used to monitor the...
43Parliamentary Questions Register list of questions raised by MPs on the Technology Strategy Board (TSB). This identifies the MP making the question,...
44Call, incidents and serious incident log - patient level not identified with contacts (including names, addresses), incidents and serious incident log - patient level not identified with contacts (including names, addresses)
45Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS) Performance Database of summary statistical information about all HMCTS cases.
46Ministry of Transport (MOT) VTS Files Testing System files, application forms and supporting documentation (including plans). Approval documentation and copies of any Vehicle Tester visits...
47Landlord's Electricity Data & Resources - Corporate assets, safety, health and the environment Landlord's Electricity Data contains data on electricity meter readings...
48Financial Forecasting System Forecasting System (Go-Live Sept 2010). In house development (sharepoint) to support financial management for budget managers and finance. No...
49CEND 8/12a Seabed Images (CEND = Cefas Endeavour) Images from Markhams Triangle , Fulmar , Barmades Bank recommended Marine Conservation Zones (rMCZ)
50Unemployed http://data.fingal.iehtmlUnemployed