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31Yorkshire & Humberside Business Plan & Humberside Relationship Team Business Plan
32YJMIS Offending Team data returns
33Yearly reports on District Areas document gives information on the amount of land managed by Forestry Commission and other data such as woodland area
34Yearly report on Habitats document gives the current areas of broad and priority habitats across the estate
35Worldwide - Pathology Research Accession Database (RA Database) system acts as the equivalent of a Laboratory Information Management System for pathology samples. It generates unique codes for...
36World Checklist of Selected Plant Families - WCSP data on 155 families of seed plants including the accepted name. Geographical distribution and life form
37Workstep Employment Programme workstep employment programme provided support to disabled people facing complex barriers to getting and keeping a job, and ended...
38Workstation Assessment Records on individual workstation needs and use, in order to meet legal requirements for reasonable adjustments
39Workshop & Fleet Management Fleet system holds all data on Agency vehicles, passengers if applicable, external customer fleet data, and contact details. The...
40Working Time Opt Out of employees who have opted out of the European Working Time Directive