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21Zachte Ruggengraat (sRSA) Open Data Stad Antwerpen http://opendata.antwerpen.behtmlDeze dataset bevat vlakvormige elementen Zachte Ruggengraat van de Strategische kaart uit het Ruimtelijk Structuurplan Antwerpen (sRSA) Antwerpen Ontwerpen, goedgekeurd...
22Youth Offending Teams Performance data of YOTs' performance
23Youth Contract programme for 16 and 17 year olds who are not in education, employment or training data on young people who are currently supported by the Youth Contract Programme for 16 and 17 year olds...
24Youth Cohort Study Youth Cohort Study was a major programme of longitudinal research designed to monitor the behaviour and decisions of representative...
25Your Reward Flexible Benefits System held on Your Reward system covers staff names, staff number, location, age, grade, start date, work status, salary, contract...
26Yorkshire Ambulance Service Data Ambulance Service Data
27Yorkshire & Humberside Local Implementation Plan & Humberside Relationship Team Local Implementation Plan
28Yorkshire & Humberside Local Enterprise Partnership Reports and Meeting Minutes and Agendas & Humberside Local Enterprise Partnership Reports and Meeting Minutes and Agendas
29Yorkshire & Humberside Horizon Scan & Humberside Relationship Team College / Provider Horizon Scan
30Yorkshire & Humberside Communication Data Base & Humberside Communication Data Base This includes contact details for all colleges and providers.