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ALERT! Incomplete metadata found in the harvested datasets

* If you are an open data publisher, please go to your original dataset source to add the required metadata.
#ActionsTitleCatalogue URLPlatformDescription
191Evaluation and Evaluation Evidence Databases the status of HMRC evaluations of research and analyses, findings and meta-data. Updated: ad hoc.
192Information Request Tracking System Freedom of Information and Environmental Information Regulation requests submitted to Department for Food, Environment and Rural Affairs (Defra)
193Freedom of information database of requests - includes name, address, e-mail address details.
194NanoToxicoKinetics of titanium dioxide nanoparticles using in vitro and in vivo models
195Tourist Information http://data.fingal.iehtmlTourist Information
196Tobacco Strategy Performance Pack (TSDG) Performance Pack Strategy Performance Pack reports. Updated: ad hoc. Data coverage: 2007/08, 2009/10, 2008/09
197Non HEI provider tracker track the progress of non HEI providers required to reconfigure their governance structures in order to comply with Department...
198Enquiry Tracking track enquiries from the public and ONS colleagues
199Routine orphan zoonoses database store de-duplicated and cleaned data on orphan zoonoses from labbase
200Index of Exempted Dogs record details of legally held prohibited type dogs in the UK