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#ActionsTitleCatalogue URLPlatformDescription
181AI Media Spotlight internet accessible web application for the management of public relations information and contacts with members of the press
182NaFRA Spatial Flood Likelihood Category Grid (AfA106) and Coastal Risk Management - Incident Management. National Flood Risk Assessment (NaFRA) Spatial Flood Likelihood Category (FLC) Grid is...
183Routine orphan zoonoses database store de-duplicated and cleaned data on orphan zoonoses from labbase
184Historical contracts / service orders and service orders issued under call off agreements from Buying Solutions Frameworks.
185CEND 3/12a Acoustic Data (CEND = Cefas Endeavour) Data from North St Georges Channel , North of Celtic Deep , East of Haig Fras , South of...
186Engineering Design Data 1 and phase 2 engineering design information
187Attitudes To Pensions Survey survey of the GB population aged 18 and over, carried out every three years since 2006. Anonymised versions of...
188E-Financials data system to process MCA invoices
189Management Information information to support business process and decision making at corporate level. Primary uses: Business Planning and Corporate Risk Register.
190Flexible working [Workforce Diversity] & Resources - Human Resources. The Environment Agency is committed to making our organisation as diverse as the environment....