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141The Pensions Service Internal Reconsiderations Database level data - this is a list of customer requests for reconsideration of the overpayment decision. Location: GB wide...
142CICA schemes managed on local databases Fund , VOTS Ex Gratia , Pleural Plaques , EUCAT , pre-tariff cases. Which include: Age , gender ,...
143NEST HR Data data for NEST.
1441971 - 100% Census personal data, Enumeration Order Data
145NaFRA Internal Spatial Grid and Coastal Risk Management - Incident Management The National Flood Risk Assessment (NaFRA) internal spatial grid is an internal...
146CEND 12/11 PSA Data (CEND = Cefas Endeavour) Size Analysis (PSA) Data from Eastern English Channel and Outer Thames from JNCC/Cefas Joint Pressures Investigation
147PPO Joint Recommendations database containing details of recommendations made since April 2012 on all investigations
148Hemp Analysis hemp sampling and analysis
149Eel Mortality & Business - Land and Water. Information on eel Mortality rates.
150Human Resources datasets Resources datasets related to individual staff eg learning and development.