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#ActionsTitleCatalogue URLPlatformDescription
131DirectGov and DVLA Web Metrics associated with customer use of the DirectGov and DVLA websites
132UHPLC-ToF-MS for the Qualitative Screening of Pesticides of Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatography time-of-flight mass spectrometry (UHPLC-ToF-MS) based method for the qualitative screening of pesticides in...
133Vaccine Damage Payments Damage Payment is a one-off payment made to severely disabled customers who qualify because their disability has been cause...
134Annual Report of Local Authority Historic Environment Capacity data collected by the Association of Local Government Archaeological Officers and the Institute of Historic Building Conservation to identify...
135e-Security Data, group, resource and security profiles defined to identify and manage customer’s access to Land Registry external services and internal...
136Computer Account Data, group, resource and security profiles defined to identify and manage computer users and their ability to access Land Registry...
137Liquefied Petroleum Gas to record surveys of Liquefied Petroleum Gas buried pipework (non-residential) to inform a schedule of replacement for HSE and...
138Inquiry of Activity for Construction & Allied Trades statistical bulletin to publish output in the construction industry
139Monthly Inquiry of Contracts & New Orders to publish new orders in the construction industry
140Ethical & Social Governance System to monitor underlying stocks that form part of some funds. No commercial or personal information. Used to monitor the...