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List of UNIQUE datasets harvested for this catalogue

91BANES Petroleum Licences
92BANES Animal Boarding Licences
93Hospital admissions 2013Employment and social rights/affairs
94Census 2011 - B&NES Selected Small Area DataEmployment and social rights/affairs
95BANES Toilets APIEmployment and social rights/affairs
96BNB: Books About Bathother (Public Domain)Employment and social rights/affairs
97BANES Subset Of Ofcom Legacy Mobile Phone Base Station DatabaseEnvironment, consumers and health
98BANES Subset Of English Heritage Listed Building PointsEmployment and social rights/affairs
99BANES Subset Of English Heritage Scheduled Monuments PointsEmployment and social rights/affairs
100BANES Subset Of English Heritage Parks & Gardens PointsEmployment and social rights/affairs

List of DUPLICATED datasets harvested for this catalogue

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