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List of UNIQUE datasets harvested for this catalogue

1Air Quality Monitoring StationsEnvironment, consumers and health
2"Live" Air Quality Sensor DataEnvironment, consumers and health
3B&NES CollegesCulture, education and youth; Science and technology
5"Live" BANES Street Level Crime
6Green BeltEnvironment, consumers and health
7Bath City Limits
8Basic Company Data (B&NES subset by postcode)Business; Economy, finance and tax
9Eat Out Eat WellUK_OGLV3.0Environment, consumers and health
10Litter Bin SurveyUK_OGLV3.0
11Supermarkets in BANESUK_OGLV3.0Business; Economy, finance and tax
12BANES Premises Licences
13Bath Local Election Councillor Results
14BANES Live Highways VMSUK_OGLV3.0Transport and travel
15Bath 1891other (Public Domain)Employment and social rights/affairs
16Air Quality 15 Min Feed - LiveODC-ODbLEnvironment, consumers and health
17Avon & Somerset Police Force Boundaryother (Public Domain)
18BANES Important Buildings CentroidsCulture, education and youth; Science and technology
19Live Nextbike AvailabilityODC-ODbLTransport and travel
20Lower Layer Super Output Areas
21Banes Broadband Survey June 2013UK_OGLV3.0Business; Economy, finance and tax
22Location of B&NES SchoolsCulture, education and youth; Science and technology
23BANES Subset Of Road Safety DataTransport and travel
24National Statistics Address Lookup BANES SubsetUK_OGLV3.0
25Broadbandspeedby LSOA Cutoct14Business; Economy, finance and tax
26BANES Contact to the Council
272013 Schools PerformanceCulture, education and youth; Science and technology
28B&NES Libraries
29ONS Mid-Year Population Estimates 2013Employment and social rights/affairs
30Pay and Display LocationsTransport and travel
31Car Park LocationsTransport and travel
33BANES boundary
34Ofcom Broadband coverageBusiness; Economy, finance and tax
35Air Quality Sensor LocationsEnvironment, consumers and health
37Polling Station Review 2014
382013 Schools Census/SpineCulture, education and youth; Science and technology
40BANES Tables and Chairs Licences
41Library Thing: Books Set in BathEmployment and social rights/affairs
42BNB: Books Published in Bathother (Public Domain)Employment and social rights/affairs
43Library Visitors All Libraries 2013 14
44Library Lending Transactions (Apr 2012-Jan 2014)
45Bath & North East Somerset Postcodes
46Public Rights of Way - BathTransport and travel
47B&NES Proposed Public Rights of WayTransport and travel
48GP Surgery LSOA Catchment - April 2015UK_OGLV3.0
49Electric Vehicle Charging PointsCC_40_BY_SATransport and travel
51BANES Subset Of CQC PlacesEmployment and social rights/affairs
52Bath Bar & Pub closing timesCC_30_BY_SABusiness; Economy, finance and tax
53Postcode level electricity estimatesEnvironment, consumers and health
54BANES Subset Of Road Safety Data (Location Fixed)UK_OGLV3.0Transport and travel
55Ratio of house prices to earnings since 1997Business; Economy, finance and tax
56BANES School ContactsCulture, education and youth; Science and technology
57GP Surgeries in Bath and North East SomersetEmployment and social rights/affairs
58Village GreensEnvironment, consumers and health
59Bath Historical MapsEmployment and social rights/affairs
60Bath 1852Employment and social rights/affairs
61Bath & North East Somerset Food Hygiene RatingsEmployment and social rights/affairs
62Bath 1818other (Public Domain)Employment and social rights/affairs
63BANES Planning applications
64Bath 1572other (Public Domain)Employment and social rights/affairs
65Avon Fire and Rescue IncidentsODC-ODbL
66B&NES UniversitiesCulture, education and youth; Science and technology
67Britain From Above: Bath & North East SomersetCC_30_BY_NCEmployment and social rights/affairs
68Resident’s Parking ZonesTransport and travel
69Historical Nextbike AvailabilityODC-ODbLTransport and travel
70"Live" List of Bicycle Shops in BANESTransport and travel
71Transport APITransport and travel
75BANES Zoo Licences
76National Lottery Grants 1995-2015UK_OGLV3.0
77BANES Live Car Park OccupancyTransport and travel
78BANES Expenditure Over £500
79Bath And North East Somerset Council Election Results 2003-2015
80Historical Textsother (Public Domain)Employment and social rights/affairs
81BANES Subset Of Annual Survey Of Visits To Visitor AttractionsBusiness; Economy, finance and tax
82Buy With Confidence MembersBusiness; Economy, finance and tax
83Bath Local Election Ward Results
84BANES Members' Allowance Payments 2008-
85House Price Paid Data - Land RegistryBusiness; Economy, finance and tax
86Primary School Admissions 2014/15Culture, education and youth; Science and technology
87BANES Charitable Collections House to House Licences
88BANES Estimated Annual average daily flows (AADFs) – major roadsTransport and travel
89Moorland Road Occupancy 1890 to 1970Employment and social rights/affairs
90BANES Gambling Premises Licences
91BANES Petroleum Licences
92BANES Animal Boarding Licences
93Hospital admissions 2013Employment and social rights/affairs
94Census 2011 - B&NES Selected Small Area DataEmployment and social rights/affairs
95BANES Toilets APIEmployment and social rights/affairs
96BNB: Books About Bathother (Public Domain)Employment and social rights/affairs
97BANES Subset Of Ofcom Legacy Mobile Phone Base Station DatabaseEnvironment, consumers and health
98BANES Subset Of English Heritage Listed Building PointsEmployment and social rights/affairs
99BANES Subset Of English Heritage Scheduled Monuments PointsEmployment and social rights/affairs
100BANES Subset Of English Heritage Parks & Gardens PointsEmployment and social rights/affairs
101Open Plaquesother (Public Domain)Employment and social rights/affairs
102Premises License - 17.09.14
103Lower Super Output Areas
104Council tax bands by postcode
105BANES Grit Bins
106Bath Climate Summary (1981-2010)Environment, consumers and health
107weatherEnvironment, consumers and health
108Lead Flood Authority, Flood Risk Asset Register - RegionsEnvironment, consumers and health
109Lead Flood Authority Line DataEnvironment, consumers and health
110Lead Flood Authority, Flood Risk Asset Register - PointsEnvironment, consumers and health
111Ordnance Survey Opendata Licence
112B&NES Mobile Library Stops
113Location of Allotments in BathEnvironment, consumers and health
114River LevelsUK_OGLV3.0Environment, consumers and health
115Developers Applications
116BANES Estimated Traffic Volumes – major roads – vehicle milesTransport and travel
117Bath 1942 Air Raid DamageEmployment and social rights/affairs
118BANES Public ToiletsEmployment and social rights/affairs
119Bath 1942 Bomb SitesEmployment and social rights/affairs
120Historic Weather August 2014 - Presentother (Public Domain)Environment, consumers and health
121BANES Historic Car Park Occupancy
122Bath 1795other (Public Domain)Employment and social rights/affairs
123BANES Boundary
1242011 B&NES Area ClassificationsUK_OGLV3.0Employment and social rights/affairs
125Public Rights of Way - North East SomersetTransport and travel
126Waste and Recycling CentresEnvironment, consumers and health
127Historical Air Quality Sensor DataEnvironment, consumers and health

List of DUPLICATED datasets harvested for this catalogue

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