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List of UNIQUE datasets harvested for this catalogue

1Ejecución Presupuestos Cáceres 2014 Trimestre 4CC BY
2Ejecución Presupuestos Cáceres 2015 Trimestre 1CC BY
3Centros de Exposición CáceresCC BY
4Centros Religiosos CáceresCC BY
5Centros Sanitarios CáceresCC BY
6Cofradías CáceresCC BY
7Desfibriladores CáceresCC BY
8Museos CáceresCC BY
9Pasos de Semana Santa Cáceres 2015CC BY
10Plazas de Movilidad Reducida CáceresCC BY
11Presupuestos Cáceres 2015CC BY
12Residencias de Mayores CáceresCC BY-SA
13Restaurantes CáceresCC BY
14Ejecución Presupuestos Cáceres 2014 Trimestre 2CC BY
15Bibliotecas CáceresCC BY
16Procesiones Semana Santa Cáceres 2015CC BY
17Cafés y Bares de CáceresCC BY
18Ejecución Presupuestos Cáceres 2014 Trimestre 1CC BY
19Bares de Copas CáceresCC BY
20Ejecución Presupuestos Cáceres 2014 Trimestre 3CC BY
21Piscinas CáceresCC BY
22Alojamientos CáceresCC BY
23Árboles CáceresCC BY
24Farmacias CáceresCC BY
25Farolas CáceresCC BY
26Gasolineras CáceresCC BY
27Ludotecas CáceresCC BY
28Monumentos CáceresCC BY
29Presupuestos Cáceres 2012CC BY
30Presupuestos Cáceres 2013CC BY
31Presupuestos Cáceres 2014CC BY
32Teatros CáceresCC BY
33Vías Urbanas CáceresCC BY
34Parcelas Feria San Fernando Cáceres 2015CC BY
35Puntos GPS de los Pasos de Semana Santa Cáceres 2015CC BY
36Cines CáceresCC BY
37Imágenes Semana Santa CáceresCC BY
38Paradas Taxi CáceresCC BY
39Asociaciones Vecinos CáceresCC BY
40Plazas Zona AzulCC BY
41Autobuses CáceresCC BY
42Casas de Cultura CáceresCC BY
43Hogares de Mayores CáceresCC BY
44Medición Ruidos CáceresCC BY

List of DUPLICATED datasets harvested for this catalogue

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