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List of UNIQUE datasets harvested for this catalogue

61International Investment Position and External DebtCC BYCentral Statistics OfficeBusiness; Economy, finance and tax
62Irish Rail GTFS dataother (Attribution)National Transport AuthorityTransport and travel
63Jobseekers Benefits Claimants Southside Partnershipother (Attribution)All-Island Research ObservatoryEmployment and social rights/affairs
64National Parks and Wildlife Service - Irish Semi-natural Grassland Survey 2007-2012other (Attribution)Department of Arts, Heritage and the GaeltachtEnvironment, consumers and health
65Dublin Bus GPS sample data from Dublin City Council (Insight Project)CC BYDublin City CouncilTransport and travel
66Greenhouse Gas EmissionsEnvironmental Protection Agency
67Capital Gains Taxother (Attribution)Revenue CommissionersBusiness; Economy, finance and tax
68Dublin City Libraries Accessibility AuditCC BYDublin City CouncilJustice, home affairs and citizens' rights
69Employment in Enterprise Agency-Assisted Companiesother (Attribution)ForfásEmployment and social rights/affairs
70Energy Disconnectionsother (Attribution)Commission for Energy RegulationAgriculture, fisheries and food; Energy and natural resources

List of DUPLICATED datasets harvested for this catalogue

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