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Data catalogues

81 opendata_yurukov_net(not set)(not set)Bulgaria
82 www_opendata_bg(not set)(not set)Bulgaria
83 parliament_yurukov_net(not set)(not set)Bulgaria
84 archivo_ayto-arganda_esDatasets in pop up window(not set)Spain
85 cartolleida_paeria_es(not set)(not set)Spain
86 centrodedescargas_cnig_es(not set)(not set)Spain
87 opendata_uji_esDatasets urls are inactive. So we can't harvest metadata.(not set)Spain
88 www_aeval_es(not set)(not set)Spain
89 www_agenciatributaria_esOnly resources. No metadata.(not set)Spain
90 www_cis_esBad catalogue structure.Many levels in order to reach datasets.(not set)Spain