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Data catalogues

121 catalogue_data_grandlyon_com(not set)(not set)France
122 data_bordeaux-metropole_frOnly map. No metadata.(not set)France
123 www_data-publica_comCannot locate datasets.(not set)France
124 www_opendata71_frCannot locate metadata(not set)France
125 roar_eprints_org(not set)(not set)International
126 data_un_org(not set)(not set)International
127 datacatalogs_org(not set)(not set)International
128 dati_camera_it(not set)(not set)Italy
129 dati_senato_it(not set)(not set)Italy
130 www_sardegnageoportale_itCatalogue uses JSP and we can't harvest the dataset urls.(not set)Italy