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Data catalogues

1 www_valladolid_esOnly resources. No metadata.(not set)Spain
2 www_umweltbundesamt_at(not set)Austria
3 www_tmb_catCannot locate datasets.(not set)Spain
4 www_sevilla_orgBad catalogue structure.Many levels in order to reach datasets.(not set)Spain
5 www_sardegnageoportale_itCatalogue uses JSP and we can't harvest the dataset urls.(not set)Italy
6 www_sabadell_cat(not set)Spain
7 www_opendata_luDatasets list is empty : set)Luxembourg
8 www_opendata71_frCannot locate metadata(not set)France
9 www_lisboaparticipa_ptBad structure in dataset's html page.(not set)Portugal
10 www_hullcc_gov_ukOnly resources. No metadata.(not set)United Kingdom