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71Staff Returns staff returns data collected by Finance Group at Head Office for monitoring staff costs against project budgets.
722009 Herring Larval Survey Plankton Data - NE Coast of England - X-ray fluorescence microscopy larval survey carried out from the charter vessel "Nicola Ann"
73Organisational Unit Business Plans plans for the individual organisational units of Land Registry.
74BIS Yorkshire Humber and North East Company Database on-going record of companies in our area, and general details and contacts for them. This is primarily used to...
75Licensee Recruitment and Completion Data of participants recruited to each level of the leadership curriculum per licensee partnership. Numbers of participants who complete the...
76Joint Nature Conservation Committee sponsorship - governance & financial and financial data (including grant in aid payments) relating to Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC).
77Drivers 90 all GB driver licensing information required for transaction processing e.g. name, address, d/o/b, entitlement, endorsements. Information is stored on...
78CREST management system for Crown Court cases.
79DTM 2012 (2m) with Buildings - Modified version and Coastal Risk Management - Incident Management. This dataset is Digital Terrain Model (DTM) enhanced with buildings. This is...
80Freedom of Information (FoI) requests database management system for FoI requests received by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ).