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* If you are an open data publisher, please go to your original dataset source to add the required metadata.
#ActionsTitleCatalogue URLPlatformDescription
201National Equine Database (NED) record details of equines resident in the United Kingdom.
202Information Asset Delegation Database record delegation and transfer of Information Assets
203Freedom of Information Database record and track FOI requests, including details of the applicant and the response given.
204Organic Import Authorisation Database record applications to import organic produce from third countries
2052011 Census Coverage Survey LA Level Weighted Aggregate Population Counts provide input to Beyond 2011 low level aggregate models of population by age and sex for local authorities
206IPS survey data produce weighted data which in turn is used to produce national statistics
207Small area population estimates produce Small Area Population Estimates
208Members of UK Chamber of Shipping produce data for the Sea Transportation Service category within Trade in Services
209Norovirus Hospital Outbreak Reporting obtain detailed information on the impact of outbreaks of norovirus to NHS hospitals in England
210Record level data on cashback scheme, including payments committed, measures applied for etc. monitor the take-up, effectiveness and to model future rounds of the incentives scheme.